2022 Christmas Magic Campaign

Oct 12, 2022

A Magical Success

420 Families Touched with Christmas Magic

Your kindness helped provide a magical Christmas experience for families throughout Newfoundland and Labrador. On behalf of the single parent families we serve, thank you for your thoughtfulness, and your spirit of giving. You truly made Christmas wonderful this year! Thank You, to all family sponsors, gift card donations, monetary donations, toys, pajamas, stockings, turkey donations, vegetable hampers, food donations, gifts for Mom’s and Dad’s, and all the donations that make Christmas truly special. We couldn’t have created wonderful holiday experiences for families without your support and generosity!

Behind the Scenes of Santa’s Workshop at SPAN

In order to ensure Christmas Magic is a smashing success, SPAN relies completely on the generosity of individuals, businesses, and the community to provide support to single parent families. This year SPAN received 300 family sponsorships, and was able to do 123 Christmas Packages thanks to every monetary, gift card and in-kind donation. Once SPAN confirms family sponsorships and donations begin to be dropped off at our office, the whole office becomes Santa’s workshop. All hallways and offices get filled with stocking, pajamas and family sponsorship packages that arrive to our door. All in-kind donations get brought into our Christmas Magic room for sorting and packaging for families. All staff at SPAN work together to accept donations, pass along Christmas Magic packages to single parent families, pack boxes to be delivered across the province, create Christmas Magic packages from donations we have received. This all could not be done without the help of volunteers to help us with all aspects of our Christmas Magic program.

The Impact of Christmas Magic

Christmas can feel like a burden to many single parent families. The average salary for single parent families in Newfoundland and Labrador is $25,000 a year. The cost of groceries per person monthly is averaging $200. With expenses increasing steadily towards the end of 2022 many single parent families found themselves under stress looking for support for the holidays. Parents being able to have a present under the tree for Christmas morning and see their children smile is a true blessing. Thank you for supporting single parents and giving them an enjoyable Christmas experience with their family.

Parent Messages

“Omg thank you so much for the present. I broke down and cried when I saw the gifts they are just perfect! Thank you so so so so much!! When I am able to I will be contributing towards this program! You are all simply amazing we needed those foodland cards so much thank you! God bless and a very merry Christmas to you all! Love you all!!” – Parent 

 “ I picked it up today, had a good cry. I CANNOT thank you all enough ! My heart is beyond full of gratitude🥰 Merry Christmas to you—Thank you so very much for everything—SO grateful !!! THANK YOU  “ – Parent 

“ It was very overwhelming honestly…all the items in the bag for the kiddos helps so much I can’t begin to describe. I am very fortunate to receive help from you guys. Thanks for all you do. “ – Parent

“ I have no words to say thank you! I would like to hug you! You made our Christmas special!!!  I was not able to buy all these gifts for my child!!! She will be so happy when seeing the gifts in the Christmas tree! – Parent 

“The Christmas Magic Program  really is like magic. For my children who were so happy on Christmas morning but also for me as a Mom. It made me feel like I was not alone and people really do care about me and my children. People who we don’t even know which is incredible. It touched my heart and I will never forget it. I’m hoping to do better in the new year and become more independent for me and my daughters. When I do I won’t forget others who need help. Thank you so much straight from my heart.” – Parent 

Thank You!