SPAN Food Bank

Help fill a food hamper for single parent families.

SPAN Food Bank

SPAN operates a food bank that provides single parent families with a food hamper every month.

We receive ongoing support from community Food Sharing with whom we are affiliated. In addition to this, many groups and individuals support our food bank with non-expired food & monetary donations.


Make a donation!

We need your support and commitment to give over 200 families a month food hampers. The more support we receive we hope to help more of our families in need. 

$50 Gives a family a food hamper including nutritious fruits & veggies.

$100 Gives a family a food hamper including fruit, veggies, meat, eggs & bread.

$500 supplies 1 week of frozen meat & veggies for ALL families.


Did you know?

  • 1 in 4 children in Newfoundland and Labrador are living in food insecure homes.
  • Every month we serve over 600 children.
  • Ever month over 200 single parent families receive a food hamper.
  • SPAN gives over 2400 food hampers a year to single parent families.
  • Due to inflation, more families are needing to use food banks monthly. In Newfoundland and Labrador food banks have seen a 27% increase in 2022.
  • SPAN is currently striving to provide healthier food options for families. SPAN’s goal is to provide more families with fresh produce, frozen fruits & vegetables as well as frozen meats.

In Kind Donations

SPAN needs your help to keep the shelves stocked for our single parent families.

SPAN is seeking non-expired foods, non-perishable food, as well as frozen food items. 

See chart below for all types of donations SPAN’s  Food Bank accepts.

You can drop off  donations to 472 Logy Bay Road  Monday to Friday 9-4:30pm or 

Contact Us

Become A Volunteer

Assisting in the daily activities at our Food Bank

– Packing food hampers for families

– Sorting donations (food, hygiene, other items, etc)

– Unboxing food donations received

– If you are/aren’t able to do  heavy lifting, please let us know

Become A SPAN Volunteer





Schedule a Food Hamper Appointment

Already a registered single parent with SPAN, call (709) 738-3401 or

Schedule Food Bank Appointment


First time registering with SPAN

We need the following information:

  1. Pictures of active MCP’s for you and your children (Non Expired)
  2. One of the following documents to support your single parent status:
  • Child Tax Benefit Summary (section indicating your single status with dependents listed)
  • Latest Income Tax Summary (section indicating your single status with dependents listed)
  • Your most current Income Support Stub listing your children’s names – this month or last month’s stub only

You will receive a registration confirmation email once registered.

Important Food Hamper Information: 

  • SPAN Food Bank Hamper Availability : The SPAN food bank is open by appointment only Wednesday to Friday 9am-4pm.
  • Pick Up Information: Food Hampers are picked up at the rear of the building. Please drive around to the back of the building through the gate and park near the sheds.

Single parents need your help!

Want to help? Become a volunteer and make a difference today.